Papatoetoe Denture Clinic offering Works of Art and Nature

Papatoetoe Denture Clinic offering Works of Art and Nature is the best heading I could see for this blog post. Our main emphasis at Designer Dentures is to replicate or recreate a natural looking smile. This set of Full Dentures in the spot light does grab the attention and so it should. A Denture on it’s own can look somewhat unusual at times but when set into someone’s mouth it makes all the difference to their lip profile, confidence and shape of the face.

At this Papatoetoe Denture Clinic this is a work of art for us. We hand craft each Denture to suit the individual and do so with great pride in house at our Dental Laboratory. We can even perform maintenance on site to quickly repair or reline the fitting surface of your Dentures whether it is a Full Denture or a Partial Denture we can help. Dentures do require maintenance and a healthy Denture which is functioning well will make a tremendous difference to the health of your gums and bones in your jaw.

When you visit our clinic you will be treated with dignity and respect with a warm welcome at reception. Our consultation is entirely FREE and we can walk you through a range of material options to use for your Denture. Because each mouth is different and we have a range of materials that we use your Denture price may vary but rest assured; we are competitive priced and do guarantee our workmanship.

If you cannot visit our Papatoetoe Denture Clinic yourself then again do not worry. Our very experienced Dental Prosthetist can even come out and visit you at your home if you are experiencing a transportation problem or have a disability that prevents you from visiting. If you are nearby to Papatoetoe or are just in need of anything Denture related give us a call.

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