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Custom Dental Mouth Guards for Sports

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A Custom Dental Mouth Guard From Designer Dentures in Auckland

When participating in contact sports such as hockey, rugby, boxing, wrestling, racquetball or even skateboarding, it is not just your teeth that would benefit from a protective dental mouth guard. It also helps to reduce damage to your lips, tongue, jaw, and cheeks.

Not all sports require a mouth guard as part of their protective equipment. However, for the ones that do, you must have a mouth guard that fits you properly. When you buy an over-the-counter or brand mouth guard from a shop, there is no guarantee that it will fit your teeth and mouth properly.

This poor fitting can mean that the mouth guard is bulky, causes distraction, and provides limited protection. Often sports players are seen constantly adjusting ill-fitting mouth guards, which get in the way of giving their top performance in the game.

Superior Protection and Impact Absorption

Our custom designed mouth guards offer superior protection and impact absorption. Instead of purchasing a mouth guard that does not fit well or gives you inadequate protection, consider talking to Designer Dentures today for an optimal solution.

Our mother-and-son team manufactures our mouth guards, dentures, dental implants, and crowns in-house, providing you with top quality craftmanship of all the items we make specifically for you.

A mouthguard from Designer Dentures is manufactured from the latest materials. You have peace of mind that, when you buy a mouth guard from us, you will not be distracted when you are on the playing field. Instead, you will increase your team’s chances to win by not having to worry about a loose mouth guard – and that might even make you the hero of the day!

We Know About Fitting People With Custom Mouth Guards

Under even the most demanding sports conditions, your mouth and teeth will be completely protected with superior protection and impact absorption. We have made custom mouth guards for boxing and martial artists Mark Hunt, Daniel Hooker, and Cairo ‘Waikato Warrior’ George, among others. Several All Blacks and Black Sticks wear a Designer Dentures dental mouth guard during rugby and hockey games.

Are you still in doubt? Just browse the net for recent pictures of these sports people to see how brilliant their smiles are. Their performances speak for themselves, and their teeth are perfect. So, you will understand we know about fitting people with suitable mouth guards.

Concerned about the price? Custom mouth guards from Designer Dentures last much longer than over-the-counter shop mouthguards, making them very cost-effective for your boxing or sports needs. Your first consultation with us is free. We are happy to discuss payment options and give you further information about our product range.

We Combine Quality Craftsmanship With the Best Products

You may even be eligible for a rebate from WINZ (Work and Income New Zealand) if they already provide a service to you. Visit their website to check if you qualify for this opportunity. If you have a disability and cannot make it to the clinic, let us know, and we can arrange a mobile service to come and visit you in the privacy of your home.

We offer quality craftsmanship and our natural and highly functional dentures, dental implants, and other dental products. In addition, we provide the best care in a relaxing environment. Get in touch with Designer Dentures today to discuss your specific needs.

Our Custom Mouth Guards

Custom Mouth Guards

Frequently Asked Questions

A custom mouth guard is a dental appliance designed to protect your teeth and jaw during sports or other physical activities. It is made specifically for you, based on a mould of your teeth.

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