Full Upper Denture made in our Dental Laboratory on site

Here is an excellent example of a happy person with their just fitted and freshly made full upper denture which we made here on site in our own dental laboratory. We measured with great care and ensured that our patient got the very best denture we could do for her. She had a poorly made denture done at Browns Road Dental which made her lip too full, had an incorrect bite and fell out of her mouth very easily. Since seeing us we were able to make a denture that stayed in the mouth, allowed for greater comfort when speaking and eating and got rid of that feeling of just having far too much in her mouth.

Dentures are individually crafted to suit people because just like how people are so different to one and other so are the dentures which they wear. It is important to get the best symmetry to the smile, the axis of the teeth aligned with one and other and the denture to fit well. There are small but subtle characterizations we put into the set up of the teeth and even the teeth themselves to give a more natural looking smile. We often say “if nobody knows we made it then we have made it right”.

We are so happy to have been able to help this nice lady through a veryu difficult period of time where she had no wearable top teeth for the most part of a year. It is because of quality crafted dentures made by us in our own clinic and dental laboratory at 55 East Tamaki Road, Papatoetoe that we have multiple dental surgeries telling their own clients to see Khush & Nav if they need a denture. This is one case where we really took our time to fuss over details and craft the denture just as the client wanted it.

We can also work quickly in emergency cases where people loose dentures or break dentures. We have even done dentures in a week or have managed to fix many broken dentures within a day. If your denture is not quite as flashy as you would like or if you are caught in a panic with no teeth then come and see us for a free consultation.

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Khush Singh

Khush is the chief Clinical Dental Technician at Designer Dentures. Khush completed a Bachelor of Dental Technology at the University of Otago in 2009 and an Advanced Diploma in Dental Prosthetics from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital) in 2012. Khush has over 13 years of experience and a keen eye for detail and fine craftsmanship.

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