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Need a mouth guard for sleeping? You may need a Dental Bite Splint to protect your teeth during the night

Often our clients come to us after experiencing headaches upon waking, tight or sore shoulders, jaw, mouth, ears or neck, and this is found to be caused by grinding their teeth while they are sleeping. Grinding your teeth (bruxism) can disrupt your sleep by waking you in the night and is often caused by stress. Even if we are not aware that we are being impacted by stress, it does come out at night when we are processing and downloading the events from the day. Without realising it you clench your teeth and molars which puts the jaw under pressure.

Are you grinding your teeth at night? a Night Mouth Guard may be just what you need

There are things you can do to release the tension in your jaw and also to lower you stress. We recommend you try these techniques alongside getting a Night Guard / Dental Splint fitted.

  • Massage – Place your fingertips on your jaw, close your eyes and make circles for as long as it feels comfortable.  You can do this multiple times a day when you need to alleviate pain or tension.
  • Relaxation Techniques – Find a relaxation technique that works well for you. It is important to make sure you are really relaxed before you go to sleep if you are experiencing teeth grinding / bruxism.
  • Observation – Observe how you feel during the day and if you notice your mouth and jaw tightening. Make some notes of when this happens so you can find the source of your tension or stress. If you know there are certain things that add to high stress levels are you able to take them out of your daily routine?

There are also things that are recommended to avoid if you are being affected by teeth grinding / bruxism:

  • Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs and Sugary Drinks – They all activate your body's stress response and if they can not be avoided, it is best to make sure they are not consumed directly before going to bed.
  • Some Medications can have bruxism as a side effect. Contact your Doctor if this is the case. They may be able to recommend an alternative.

To make sure you have maximum protection from eroding enamel, due to teeth grinding / bruxism, it is recommended that you get a personalised Night Guard / Dental Splint fitted so then it can be worn while you are sleeping. This will also alleviate any extra tension and pressure on your jaw joint, reducing soreness and muscle pain.  

Get in touch today for a free consultation. We will custom make your new guard on site and ensure it is fitted properly for you, offering friendly professional support and advice. 

Some examples of our Night Guards

Occlusal Splints & Night Guards

Frequently Asked Questions

A bite guard or night guard is a dental device that is used to protect your teeth and jaw from grinding or clenching, also known as bruxism. This is your best treatment against the damage and trauma caused by temporo-mandibular dysfunction.

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