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Don't Overlook Denture Relines and Alignment

Do you or someone you love wear dentures? Cosmetic dentures are tailored to yield a well-fitting set of high-quality false teeth, blending with your mouth and the features of your face to provide a comfortable, natural-looking smile. If this describes your smile, help maintain good gum and mouth health today for less with our denture relines service. We offer affordable Auckland solutions, including lower and partial denture adjustments and relines, to keep you smiling.


Why a Denture Reline?

If you currently wear partial or full dentures, it is essential to get them regularly checked to ensure they are aligned and still fit correctly. We can assess how loose your denture is and then take a quick and easy chair-side measurement of its fit to improve its retention, stability, and comfort. At the same time, we check the degree of wear and tear and ensure no dangerous chips or breaks.

How Often Do You Need a Denture Reline?

For comfort purposes, getting false teeth reline every three years is advisable. Denture relines involve re-shaping and refitting the side of the denture that meets your gums. The shape of your jawbone may have changed over time due to weight loss, ageing, or other factors. In that case, you may find that your dentures have become uncomfortable or don't fit as well.

General wear and tear can also mean that the shape and fit of your dentures have changed, causing a change in your speech or even how you eat. This scenario also applies to partial dentures, which need as much care as a complete set.

If you are experiencing trouble with your dentures or are just uncertain if they are performing as they should be, we suggest you contact us for a free consultation. Our priority is to get you back to the comfort you deserve and ensure that you leave with a healthy smile.

What Are the Different Types of Denture Relines?

There are three types of denture relines:


  • Soft RelineIn a soft reline, the denture is re-shaped to increase comfort as it rests on the gums. Then, the dental technician layers a liquid polymer right into the denture to create depth and a cushion, resulting in a very comfortable fit. You should replace this option every three years.
  • Hard RelineIn a hard reline, the denture undergoes re-shaping just like in a soft reline, except that the materials used are similar to the hardened base of the denture. This approach results in a more permanent reline lasting several years longer than a soft reline.
  • Temporary Relines

    Another option is a temporary reline, useful for addressing temporarily swollen gums, which we can do before a hard reline. Again, this is a quick and safe chair-side procedure.
    If you are unsure what you already have or need, please don't worry. We will discuss the best option for you during our free initial consultation.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Hard or Soft Reline Denture

Denture fitting is so crucial that even a slight misalignment can create numerous complications. You'll need to decide whether you want a hard or a soft reline to get the most out of your dentures and your realignments. Here are some considerations:


  • It's Essential to Have Your Dentures Checked RegularlyIdeally, you should use your dentures for a maximum of seven years. During this time, an oral care professional should periodically evaluate them to ensure proper function and fit.
  • A Professional Should Perform All Repairs and RelinesNever attempt to realign or repair your dentures or have anyone else do it. Instead, please leave it to your trusted dental care practitioner.
  • Ask Your Dentist About Your Reline OptionsEach method has various pros and cons. The right choice depends on several factors, such as how quickly you need the reline completed and how long you want it to last.

What Sets Designer Dentures Apart for Your False Teeth Reline?

We focus on patient care and making you feel comfortable. Receive the personal service you enjoy and deserve. Here's what sets us apart:


  • We're a Family-Owned Business With Family Values
  • Our mother-and-son team works to ensure that each patient receives top-notch care. As a result, you'll find a friendly, relaxed, and professional atmosphere.
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship
  • Our onsite workshop does all the false teeth moulding and repairs in-house. So, you can be sure we maintain the strictest quality control and standards.
  • Same-Day False Teeth Reline
  • If you are experiencing problems with your dentures, we'll perform a quick reline to have you smiling again immediately. Just book a morning appointment.
  • Our Mobile Service
  • We provide a mobile service to our customers with disabilities who can't come to us to ensure everyone has access to the dental care they need. However, restrictions may apply regarding distance and availability.
  • Payment Options to Suit Your Needs
  • We don't recommend that you try to fix your dentures yourself. Attempting this can lead to more problems later and sometimes render the denture unusable. However, if you are worried about how much it will cost, contact us for a free consultation. We accept insurance and Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ), and we have a variety of payment methods to help make your experience a positive one.

Restore Your Confidence and Comfort Today

Our patients need their dentures for speaking, eating, and smiling confidently, so we offer the correct false teeth repair and reline services you need to maintain a proper fit. Our team is warm and welcoming, prioritizing your needs. Get in touch to discuss your options today.

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