Unbreakable Denture & Allergy Free Denture in Auckland

Unbreakable Dentures and also Allergy Free Dentures are a great option for very obvious reasons. There are currently only 12 practices in New Zealand that make Thermosens Dentures and we are very proud to offer the latest in this technology. We get calls each week for Denture Repairs that occur in all sorts of ways and in the most inconvenient situations. Also recently we had a new patient who has suffered very serious health effects as a result of a Monomer Allergy to a Denture made by someone else. The result of the allergy to monomer has been a weight loss of 25kg; time spent in hospital and an ongoing burning sensation in their mouth. Not to worry because Thermosens Flexible Dentures are now here in Auckland and made by us.

These are the obvious Benefits of using Thermosens:
1. Virtually unbreakable
2. Hydrophobic material so more hygenic as saliva doesn’t seep into it
3. Smooth finish to avoid plaque trapping
4. Flexible so can engage teeth and cover some gaps acrylic cannot
5. Less than 1% shrinkage so tight fitting
6. Relatively easy to adjust
7. Completely Monomer Free (No allergies)
8. More rigid so won’t gum strip the same way Valplast does
9. Subtle clasp design so that your Denture blends in with the natural teeth
10. Guaranteed Workmanship

At Designer Dentures we offer a FREE Consultation so that you can meet Khush; our friendly Denture Technician and discuss what he will make for you as your best treatment option. If you receieve a WINZ benefit payment than $300 of your treatment may be covered for you and if you have a damaged or lost Denture then you may be able to claim it on insurance. All of which we do FREE Quotes for. We also offer some flexible payment options too so that you can get your Dentures as easily as possible. If you have any further questions just get in touch on 0800866849.


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