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Denture Cleaning & Maintenance Auckland

Find Professional Denture Cleaning, Maintenance, and care in Auckland

An essential element of keeping your dentures in tip-top condition is getting a regular professional denture cleaning. Normal wear and tear will affect your dentures over time. Even the best-made and most comfortable dentures need to be checked every three to five years. This not only keeps your existing dentures in good shape, but it helps promote oral health. The bones in your jaw and the roof of your mouth can be adversely affected if your dentures don’t receive regular dental maintenance in Auckland.

Designer Dentistry can help you with any of your professional cleaning needs and do regular maintenance on your dentures. We’re a mother and son operation based in Auckland that prides itself on excellent customer service, competitive prices, and quality craftsmanship. We do all our work in-house, which helps us ensure quality control over all our work. Regardless of your denture needs, we have a range of payment options at your disposal. We also take insurance and WINZ, which may mean you pay no upfront costs at all. We offer free consultations, so you can come in and talk to us about what you need. You’ll find a friendly, relaxed but professional atmosphere when you come to our practice.

Let us maintain your dentures in Auckland

Studies have shown that only 20% of people who wear dentures go for regular check-ups and cleaning. While we recommend that you treat your dentures in Auckland like real teeth and brush and clean them every night to get rid of food particles and combat stains; getting a professional cleaning every few years is still necessary. Dentures and partial dentures may look solid to the naked eye but still, contain surface pores. So even if you’re diligent about brushing and cleaning, you may not remove all food particles. Natural teeth are the recipients of the body’s natural germ fighters. But dentures don’t have these mighty warriors to help fight bacteria. This is often why denture wearers have bad breath. Using an excellent cleaner to soak them in overnight can reduce this effect, but a professional cleaning will remove all your worries and promote oral health as well. This is just one reason that regular denture maintenance in Auckland is a good idea.

Keeping your dentures in top shape

When you maintain regular check-ups, and get your dentures cleaned regularly, relined every three to five years and fix any splits or cracks immediately, you are protecting your initial investment in a quality pair of dentures. You can wear the same dentures for many years, full or partial, with consistent maintenance, so it’s in your best interest to look after your dentures like you would any other important part of your body that needs to be healthy.

When you want to find quality professional cleaning in Auckland, a place that can help with maintenance and give you and your dentures the kind of regular care that will help keep them in good shape for many years to come, please visit us for a free consultation today.

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