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For a Custom Dental Mouth Guard: Designer Dentures in Auckland

Practising sports is good and healthy, upon this we all agree. But what if you choose a sport that is a bit on the rough side? If you love playing hockey or lacrosse, if you’re an aficionado of boxing or wrestling, if playing racquetball, skateboarding or acrobatics gives you a kick, accidents may occur. Protecting yourself appropriately is key. On some occasions, you’ll need a sturdy harness for complete body protection, while in other cases safeguarding your teeth will suffice.

In the latter case, consider a custom dental mouth guard. Many brands offer mouth guards, but it’s common knowledge that every set of teeth is different. It stands to reason then that every mouth guard should be different too. Buying a mouth guard that doesn’t fit properly will not offer the necessary protection. Imagine yourself on the field and your mouth guard is too bulky, or it fits loosely. Can you still concentrate on the game? Under such circumstances, how are you expected to help your team to victory?

Free consultation and WINZ rebate

So, instead of buying something which is cheap, but doesn’t fit well, and is bound to give you inadequate protection, consider a custom mouth guard from Auckland-based Designer Dentures. Our clinic, set up by a mother and son, has nearly three years of experience. The price for a dental mouth guard is $180. However, you may be eligible for a rebate from WINZ (Work and Income New Zealand). Visit their website to check if you can profit from this opportunity. A custom dental mouth guard from our clinic also lasts a lot longer than mass-market products.

Contact us for a custom mouth guard in Auckland. Your first consultation will be free. We do all our manufacturing in-house to keep up quality control and to guarantee our workmanship. If you have a disability, let us know, and we’ll arrange a mobile service for you. For splendid customer service in a relaxing environment, and for individual quality craftsmanship, natural and highly-functional dentures or other dental appliance, count on us.

A custom dental mouth guard offering superior protection and impact absorption

With your dental mouth guard from Designer Dentures, you won’t be distracted when you’re on the playing field. Instead, you’ll increase your team’s chances to win. That might make you the hero of the day. Under even the most demanding sportive conditions, your mouth and teeth will be completely protected with a dental mouth guard crafted in-house in Auckland.

We have made custom mouth guards for martial artists Mark Hunt, Daniel Hooker, and Cairo “Waikato Warrior” George. Several All Blacks and Black Sticks also wear a dental mouth guard from our Auckland clinic. Are you still in doubt? Just browse the net for recent pictures of these sportspeople, and see how they smile. Their performances speak for themselves, and their teeth are perfect, so you’ll understand we know about fitting people with suitable mouth guards.

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