Denture Prevents Gastric Reflux by Aiding in Proper Digestion

Dentures aid in Gastric Reflux Prevention by proper digestion.This is Yvonne smiling because of how happy she is with her new Full upper & lower dentures. Yvonne’s last set of Dentures had no contact on the back teeth and Yvonne has had difficulty eating properly for quite some time; as a result she has had some bad gastric reflux from not being able to chew her food properly. Without working and balancing tooth cusps on the molars and premolars Yvonne cannot grind her food up into a bolus which is a ball of chewed food which can be swallowed easily. As a result Yvonne bites with her old Full Upper & Lower Dentures and ends up not breaking down the food enough and swallowing it in bigger pieces.

Because Yvonne is swallowing bigger pieces of food her stomach is making more stomach acid to break down this improperly chewed food and the excess stomach acid causes heart burn and acid reflux. This is a really uncomfortable experience to go through and unfortunately Yvonne’s previous Dentures not performing well are to blame for the gastric distress. When Yvonne wore her New Dentures she instantly found that the teeth contacted evenly and that there was pressure and contact at the back of her mouth again. Also when the bite force is not transmitted into the supporting bone of the jaw the bone deteriorates much quicker.

These are just a few reasons why she is so happy with the New Dentures. Yvonne is now able to eat comfortably and chew her food well so that it can be digested properly and so her Dentures will no longer contribute to the gastric reflux which she is experiencing. It is recommended that if you are experiencing a similar problem come in for a FREE consultation so that I can assess your dentures for you and advise you on your best option for your teeth.

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