Bite Splints; Mouthguards; Dental Night Guards Stop Teeth Grinding & Sore Jaws

Bite Splints, Mouthguards & Dental Night Guards are used to stop teeth grinding & sore jaws. If you suffer from any of these symptoms you may be in need of one of these dental appliances. Don’t spoil your smile with teeth grinding and get the treatment you need with us at Designer Dentures. We make our Dental Splints, Bite Guards, Mouthguards and Night Guards using a combination of incredibly comfortable and durable materials which are very safe for the mouth. The materials used to make our Dental Splints meet all ISO Standards and CE Certifications for safe use in the mouth.

We will often use a softer layer inside of your Dental Night Guard or Bite Splint to absorb excessive pressure from the bite and a harder shell on the outside to absorb the grinding pressure of the jaw. I often use a bite ramp to retrain the jaw to even teach the movements of the jaw to do less harm on the times when the Bite Splint is not being worn in the day time.

To get this treatment just provide us with a diagnosis from your Dentist or come see us in our Papatoetoe Clinic and discuss it with our in house Auckland Dentist. Not treating this condition called Bruxism or TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular-Joint) Disorder you can have chronic headaches and ruin your own natural Teeth. It is defined as a habitual grinding of teeth; typically while sleeping.

Our Treatments using Dental Night Guards, Mouthguards and Bite Splints are done over 2 appointments. In the first appointment we discuss in a FREE Consultation the options and form a diagnosis. If you choose to proceed we take impressions and if needed record your bite position. The second visit is where we would fit the completed Bite Split or Dental Night Guard or Mouthguard and after it has been checked properly it is yours to take. You will also be given advice on how to care for your new Dental Splint or Night Guard or Mouthguard. Should there ever be any problems with the Dental Appliance you  are always welcome to come for adjustment too.


Amanda Hubley

I like the look of the bite guard pictured on your web page. I have recently gotten four front veneers and am concerned about tooth movement from the use of the soft guard I am using at the moment. Is the guard pictured hard enough to prevent tooth movement? Also what kind of cost would the guard in the image be? I had impressions of my teeth made for the existing mouth guard that could be provided to make the new one as well.

    Khushwant Singh

    Dear Amanda,

    Sorry for the delayed response here. I am able to make a bite guard for $400. I would take new impressions just to ensure that we have an accurate and recent copy of the teeth. We offer a FREE Consultation for me to check you out in and you are welcome to bring your current soft guard too to that visit. I make mine using a number of different techniques depending on what we wish to achieve but yes I can prevent further tooth movement using a Bite guard. Just call us on 0800866849 if this interests you.



Hi, I am in Christchurch. I am just pricing night guards. How much do they usually cost to fit and make by a dentist? Thank you very much, Melanie

    Khushwant Singh

    Hi Melanie, Sorry for the delayed response. We normally charge around $390ish for a mouthguard to prevent teeth grinding. If you are up our way we can measure you for one.

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