Auckland Denture made with Gold Smile – FREE Consulatation

Auckland Denture made to a precision fit with the Gold Smile. This is an example of the kind of superb craftsmanship offered by our Clinical Dental Technician; Khush. This Denture is made using high grade teeth that give a natural smile and beautifully balanced look to the patient’s face. The layout of the gold in the teeth was designed by Khush in a FREE Consulation with the patient’s input. We offer WINZ Quotes and Insurance quotes as well as flexible & affordable payment options.

We are situated in Papatotoe and make all of our Dentures in house. You will meet directly with the Clinical Dental Technician to discuss the treatment options and go through all of the appointments with Khush. This is a huge advantage as most Dentists would send away the lab work/manufacturing. We will also have our own Papatoetoe Dentist in our practice in the very near future.

Other services offered by Designer Dentures is Denture Cleaning, Denture Repairs and Denture Relines. This means that in one place you can have your Dentures maintained to perform well at a very affordable price. Auckland Denture wearers need no longer worry about where they can get the best service and price of Dentures. If you are unable to travel to our Papatoetoe Dental Practice (Designer Dentures) then we are even able to travel to you for your treatment.

We have Denture care products here for purchasing too. We offer Denture Cleaning and Storage options to suit your needs. Our Dentures are made from the highest quality materials including Thermosens; a virtually unbreakable, Allergy Free, and tighter fitting Flexible Denture material. There are only just 12 practices in New Zealand that offer Thermosens Flexible Dentures and we are pleased to offer the latest and greatest in Denture Technology and Denture Care.

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Prices on design dentures

    Khushwant Singh

    Dear Janet,

    everything is varied in cost as it is custom made to fit you. It is the only way to get the best results and we have a range of different materials that can be used to make your Dentures also. It is a FREE Consultation so it is recommended to allow just 20 minutes so we can have a look at you and come up with a treatment plan.

    Dental Prosthetist

Hinemoa Perese

Hi how much to get three gold tooth done top front teeth thanks

    Khushwant Singh

    Dear Hinemoa, sorry for the delayed response. Please call us on 092772049. We can book in a FREE Consultation and figure out what we can do for you.


Looking for quote for gold tooth

    Khushwant Singh

    Hi Aleesha, We offer a free consultation if you want to come see us & see how we can help? Call the clinic on 092772049 or 0800866849.

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