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A Dental Splint for Mouth and Bite Protection at Designer Dentures in Auckland

Do you grind your teeth while you are asleep? You may not be aware of this, and it may not be a problem to you either. However, grinding your teeth (bruxism) may wake you up (often) from your sleep. If your jaw, mouth, ears, neck, or shoulders hurt …read more.

For a Custom Dental Mouth Guard: Designer Dentures in Auckland

Practising sports is good and healthy, upon this we all agree. But what if you choose a sport that is a bit on the rough side? If you love playing hockey or lacrosse, if you’re an aficionado of boxing or wrestling, if playing racquetball …read more.

Broken Partial Dentures? Visit Us for Emergency Dental Repair in Auckland

Many people who are missing teeth choose to use partial dentures as a cost-effective replacement. However, while well-crafted partial dentures are made to last, there are times when these dental appliances can become damaged or may …read more.

Reasons to Get Professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Done by a Dentist in Auckland

Your smile is one of the first things you greet people with, and many people consider it to be among their best assets. Yet, even with proper care, your teeth over time may become discoloured with age or as the result of drinking too much …read more.

Quality Cosmetic Dental Service, Dentist, and Dentures in Auckland

Your smile is one of your most important features. You use it when you greet friends and family when you’re meeting someone new for the first time when you see a touching moment when you’re meeting new co-workers and so many other times. If …read more.

Get lower and partial denture adjustments and relines in Auckland

If you find that your dentures don’t feel or fit quite as comfortably as they did in the past, it may be time for denture adjustments and relines in Auckland. You may need to have a crack or split repaired. You may want a denture reline in …read more.

Find Professional Denture Cleaning, Maintenance, and care in Auckland

An essential element of keeping your dentures in tip-top condition is getting a regular professional denture cleaning. Normal wear and tear will affect your dentures over time. Even the best-made and most comfortable dentures need to be …read more.

Get Dental Denture Implants and Crowns in Auckland

When you have a missing tooth, you want it fixed as soon as possible. It’s not like when you were young, and you would put your tooth under your pillow and wait for the tooth fairy to leave you a dollar. Losing a tooth when you’re an adult can be …read more.

Designer Dentures Offers Cosmetic Dentures, Denture Alignment and More

Proper denture alignment is essential for a comfortable fit. Most people notice that, as time goes by, their dentures become less comfortable and require adjustment. Designer Dentures provides denture relines to keep your smile looking and feeling …read more.

A False Teeth Reline Can Help Your Dentures Stay Comfortable Long-Term

If you have dentures, you will occasionally need a false teeth reline. Partial or complete tooth loss can be a life-changing problem, but fortunately, a set of dentures that fit correctly can improve speech, nutrition, and confidence. However, dentures …read more.

Make Sure Your Dentures Fit Properly with a Same-Day Denture Reline

If you have noticed that your dentures aren’t as comfortable as they once were, Designer Dentures can help with a same-day denture reline. We understand that our patients need their dentures for speaking, eating, and smiling with confidence, so we …read more.

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