Affordable Dentures Made for Quality & Long Lasting Comfort

Affordable Denture services are another thing that we pride ourselves on at Designer Dentures. We offer great quality smiles and superb hand crafted Dentures without a huge price tag. As a family business we believe in looking after our customers and earning blessings before money. Allot of people are scared away from Dentistry because of the cost that goes with it but we offer a FREE Consultation.

Often the first question we hear on the phone is “how much do they cost?” and as much as I would like to say it we cannot accurately quote you until we see your mouth for ourselves.  At Designer Dentures you will always be treated with dignity and respect, you will be encouraged to ask questions and be provided with all of the relevant information. If you would like anything written out for you just ask.

All of the materials we use are of a high grade like Acrylic with a high flexural strength, teeth with a strong ware resistance and the virtually unbreakable and allergy free Thermosens material. These options can be discussed in a FREE Consultation.

We also offer all types of maintenance like Denture Repairs; often a same day service. We will work out why the Denture broke and tell you the best way in which we can fix it for you. If it is a basic Denture Repair we can do it for just $60 and complete it within the day very often. This way we minimize the inconvenience to you.

We can also perform a Denture Reline if your Denture no longer fits well. A Denture Reline will improve the fit/retention, reduce food trapping underneath, prevent sore spots and make the Denture fit more stable on the bone and gum so it doesn’t rock.

Denture Cleanings in the latest Renfert Sympro machine from Germany are another service we offer. The machine relys on an alkaline solution and clears off stuck on plaque as well as stuck on stains to provide a superior clean and make your Dentures last longer.

Khush Singh

Khush is the chief Clinical Dental Technician at Designer Dentures. Khush completed a Bachelor of Dental Technology at the University of Otago in 2009 and an Advanced Diploma in Dental Prosthetics from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital) in 2012. Khush has over 13 years of experience and a keen eye for detail and fine craftsmanship.

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