Affordable Denture Repairs with Same Day Service!

Denture Repairs are a same day service offered at Designer Dentures. Do you have a broken or cracked Denture that is either sitting in your drawers or cupboards at home? Or do you have a Denture that is on the edge of completely breaking or causing injury to your mouth. Call us today for a FREE Consultation so that Khush can assess your Denture and fix the root cause of your discomfort. It is a very easy procedure here and very competitively priced so that you get your Denture back often within the same day so you have the least inconvenience. A broken or sore Denture is not something that you just have to tolerate. It can be easily sorted here and even be repaired in the same material as the original Denture so that you get a reasonably strong join using both a mechanical and chemical bond.

We can also Reline a Denture if you have a loose fitting Denture which may be a result of structural changes in the bone and underlying gum to the current Dentures fitting surface. Also if you wear a Partial Denture and you have lost another tooth we can add that onto your current Partial Denture so that you can continue using it without an unsightly gap. If your Partial Denture has a broken or missing clip / clasp onto a tooth and it is feeling loose and dropping out we can also add a clasp to the Partial Denture within the same day. Also if we are doing a Denture Repair at times we can place metal strengtheners into the Denture to help prevent further breakage. Of course if you want to avoid breakages do inquire about our Thermosens material that is virtually unbreakable.

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hi I have just broken my partial plate! are you open over the weekend to fix it for me please?

    Khushwant Singh

    Hi Viv, hope all is going well. We are a bit slow to reply to comments on the posts here. Something we are urgently working on. Can we help with anything else? If so call us on 092772049. Thanks, Khush & Nav

Michael horomona

Bottom plate snapped in half

    Khushwant Singh

    Dear Michael,

    Have you got it sorted? If you want to look at a replacement denture we can do that. Sorry for the delayed response. We are best reached on the phone number 092772049.

    Khush & Nav


Are you open for denture repair this weekend .
Cracked my denture today.

    Khushwant Singh

    Dear Greg, Hope you have it sorted now. We can do these but best to call us for a quick response 🙂

Nyla R Reti

I’ve got a broken top denture and need a repair as I cant afford a new one but I’d like the costs of both a repair and new set prices please.

Nyla Reti

    Khushwant Singh

    Dear Nyla, bring your denture straight in. We can fix it on the spot same day. Contact us on 092772049 to arrange your appointment.


Hi there, my bottom denture has snapped in two, are you able to see me ASAP?

    Khushwant Singh

    Hi Adelle,

    Can you please call us on 092772049? We do a same day denture repair to get things up & running again for you quickly. Alternatively we also do a free consultation if you would like to look at a new & stronger denture?

    Kind regards,
    Khush & Nav
    Designer Dentures

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