The Cost of Dentures made of Quality Materials in Papatoetoe

The Cost of Dentures has always been subject to many different things when asked. It mostly depends on the time required for the construction as well as the materials required for you to get the best results. That is why we offer a FREE Consultation all of the time so that your Dental Prosthetist; Khush or Dentist can have a look at you to help you choose the best option. We make our Dentures affordable by keeping all of the manufacture in house. This helps us to make your Dentures at a low cost so you get direct prices instead of paying for a middle man mark up.

Another way we make affordable Dentures right here in Papatoetoe is by getting better pricing from our material supply companies which requires a bit of skill in itself at times. This way we can get high quality materials at a great price for you. The only place we cannot trim costs is the time and craftsmanship used to make your Dentures. This is where you want to spend the money to get a quality look and comfortable feel to your Dentures. The materials do their part in the process but it is mostly down to the skill set of the one making the Dentures that counts.

Khush has degrees from the Melbourne Dental Hospital (RMIT) and The University of Otago. As a highly skilled and easy to get along with Denture Artist you know that you have found the right place for you when you go over your treatment options. Denture treatments range so much in materials needed from the basic type of teeth for an aging relative to the unbreakable dentures made from Thermosens. This can only be diagnosed in a FREE Consultation in which you will be given the exact cost of your Dentures made right there in Auckland by the person you speak to.


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