Mouthguards Protect against Concussions like Spencer’s Detect

We would like to commend Spencer on his efforts in making a mouthguard to detect head trauma using sensors. Any efforts in raising the importance and safety aspects of wearing a properly constructed Mouthguard is a great thing. Spencer’s Mouthguard; The Nerve has inbuilt sensors to detect the amount of trauma delivered with heach knocks and the potential damage caused by it.

There have been a number of studies linking Concussions to Dimentia. Dimentia is an chronic or persisting disorder of the mental processes. Dimentia is caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, impaired reasoning ability and personality changes. The Nerve Mouthguard will take a closer look into analyzing this data.

The Mouthguards made by us at Designer Dentures & Mouthguards focus on Injury Prevention. Otago University studies have already shown a reduction in Dental Trauma and Concussions when wearing a quality Custom Mouthguard like the style that we make here. I have also whitnessed around an 80% drop in concussions with a local rugby team when the team switched their entire team to our Designer Mouthguards.

Key notable features with an Auckland made Mouthguard from us:

  1. Reduced risk of concussions by around 80%
  2. Mouthguards that don’t fall out when speaking or drawing contact
  3. A more comfortable and secure, firm fit
  4. Easier speaking and breathing
  5. Almost any design you want including colors, words & pictures
  6. Affordable pricing starting from as little as $80
  7. fast and friendly service

We offer a FREE Consultation and will often complete your Custom Mouthguard within 1 week of the impression. If it is a rush job we can often accomodate you also.

We are excited to know what information the Nerve Mouthguard can offer for not only Rugby Mouthguards but for Hockey Mouthguards, Basketball Mouthguards, MMA Mouthguards, Kickboxing Mouthguards, Boxing Mouthguards, and any other sports Mouthguards. All of which we make here in house. If you would like to read more about the Nerve Mouthguard follow the link below.

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