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Welcome to Designer Dentures

Where we pride ourselves on our friendly service, quality craftsmanship & affordable pricing. This is a mother & son run business and we really do take great pride in the care & way in which we treat everyone.We offer a FREE Consultation in a relaxed environment so that you always make a fully informed decision when you choose us. 
More than that we actually manufacture a majority of our Dental Prosthetics in house so you have the benefit of direct input into the type of teeth you want. We select only the highest grade of materials and latest technology available to provide you with an incredibly high standard of dental service.
Designer Dentures offers a variety of payment options plus if you receive a WINZ benefit or have Insurance it may not cost you anything up front. Call us today so that you can see the best Mouth guard manufacturer in New Zealand and one of the top Denture services today. We even offer a home visit service for those that are unable to travel out to us.
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Our Services

Emergency Care


An Emergency Dental Surgeon is coming soon to Designer Dentures. We currently offer quick or same day turn around on Denture repairs and Relines. If there is a new Denture needed urgently we can do that also. We have had people come in for a single front tooth before a wedding, important speech, graduation or other important occasion and have always delivered the desired results in time.

Full Dentures Upper and/or Lower

Full Dentures made at Designer Dentures are NZ Quality Assured and all hand crafted in house by Khush, our Skillful Clinical Dental Technician. You are entitled to a FREE Consultation with him so that you can discuss all of the treatment elements including the design, materials choice, grade of teeth required, treatment procedure, expectations, and what kind of results are achievable. When we make a Full Denture you will always be informed throughout the procedure as well as encouraged to ask questions. You will be involved in the tooth selection and you will always have a wax try in of the teeth in your mouth so that you can approve the teeth choice before completion. It is important to us at Designer Dentures that the teeth color, shape and arrangement of your Full Denture feel and look as much a part of you as possible. The Benefits of a Full Denture include:

  1. Nice looking smile that can be customized to look almost however you want.
  2. Clearer and easier speech once the tongue adapts to the shape.
  3.  Easy insertion and removal for cleaning daily.
  4. Cost effective treatment option.
  5. Guaranteed workmanship by an NZDA registered Clinical Dental Technician that will last.
  6. Restores balance and force distribution to the Temporo-Mandibular-Joint (Jaw) easing headaches, improves hearing and jaw pain.
  7. Allows for proper chewing and breaking up of food to aid in proper digestion without gastric reflux.

Do inquire about our Thermosens Material as it the latest in material technology with only 12 places in New Zealand offering this option. The key benefits of Thermosens are:

  1.  Thermosens has a shrinkage of less than 1% when cured so this means a very accurate fit.
  2.  Thermosens doesn’t discolor and stain like conventional acrylic.
  3.  Thermosens doesn’t absorb saliva so it stays clean and smell fresher.
  4.  Thermosens is virtually unbreakable so you avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment of a breakage.
  5.  Thermosens is hypoallergenic and completely Methyl-Methacrylate free unlike conventional Acrylic.
  6.  Thermosens finishes to a high quality, smooth surface so it looks fantastic.

So this means that you get a stronger, better fitting, better looking and healthier Denture.

Teeth Whitening & Gold

Teeth whitening to get a nicer and brighter smile that catches people’s attention. Teeth whitening can give a much more youthful appearance to your smile. Get the smile you desire at an affordable price in a safe and professional environment. Or take home tooth whitening kits can really give you a nice looking smile quick and easily without doing serious damage to your teeth. Contact us today for your FREE Consultation to discuss your treatment options. We can even put gold into teeth if you are looking for that little something extra in your smile. Apiece of Gold can really give you an eye catching look and can be set in almost any arrangement that you would like.

Denture Repairs and Relines

Denture Relines and Repairs can be a necessity to extend the service life of an old or existing Denture and can be easily assessed in a FREE Consultation at Designer Dentures. We do all of these procedures quite regularly in house and to minimize your inconvenience we can often complete it in the same day. A Denture can be repaired to fix cracks or splits in the acrylic or even through teeth all by Khush using the same type of acrylic resin that your original Denture is made from. Splits in metal can also be soldered by Khush and there are options to have strengthener materials put inside of the acrylic to help maintain it’s structure. You should know that a broken Denture can be dangerous in causing injury to the mouth and pieces of it can become lodged in the digestive tract or airways so it is important that as soon as you notice a broken Denture you do not try fix it yourself and come in to see us.

A Denture Reline is done to give a fresh fitting surface to an otherwise loose fitting Denture. The mouth and gums can change in shape over time and even quicker when there has been recent dental surgery to the affected area. What Khush can do is restore the fitting surface of your Denture by curing a new acrylic surface to your Denture. A Reline not only Restores the fit of your Denture but can also restore the vertical height of your Denture that may have worn away over time so that you are able to show more teeth once again. It is recommended that you have a Denture Reline every three to five years so that you also prevent further bone loss from the supporting jaw and roof of mouth.

General Dentistry (coming soon)


Designer Dentures is bringing in a Dental Surgeon! We will be offering our same great services with the added benefit of having General Dentistry on site for set days. This means you can come here for tooth extractions, fillings, crowns & bridges, root canals and cosmetic whitening as well as our ever popular Denture Range and Custom Mouthguards.

We will update you on our progress with bringing in our Dental Surgeon as soon as possible and you can still make bookings for a FREE Consultation with Khush in the interim. Please watch this space as we have some very exciting changes ahead.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures are a great way to replace some missing teeth without any need for further surgery. Partial Dentures vary in the material choice and Design so at Designer Dentures we do a FREE Consultation at Designer Dentures so that you can get everything checked out in a friendly environment and make a fully informed decision. We make conventional Acrylic Dentures, Metal Partial Dentures and Valplast/Thermosens Partial Dentures all in house. Khush will meet directly with you in the FREE Consultation and discuss all the design elements and materials with you and will hand craft it to meet your exact specifications and fit it himself. The key advantages with Partial Dentures are as follows:

  1. Cost effective treatment option.
  2. Look very natural and blend in with the surrounding gum and teeth.
  3. Helps maintain the positioning and health of the other remaining teeth.
  4. Allows for easier and more comfortable eating.
  5. Can improve clarity of speech.
  6. Easy insertion and removal for cleaning daily.
  7. No need for additional & expensive surgical procedures.
  8. Comes with guaranteed workmanship with safe CE certified high grade materials.
  9. NZ Quality assured work that supports the local economy.

We also highly reccomend you ask about our Thermosens Material here at Designer Dentures. It is the latest in material technology with only 12 places in New Zealand offering this option. Thermosens is also manufactured in house by Khush and the key benefits are it has a shrinkage of less than 1% when cured, it doesn’t discolor, doesn’t absorb saliva so it stays clean and is virtually unbreakable as well as being hypoallergenic. This means you get a healthier & cleaner denture that is stronger as well as tight fitting while small and thin.

If you opt for a Metal Denture it always comes with a record of the metal in the Cobalt Chrome Alloy. It is a precision cast metal and the metal comes with a 3 year warranty on the workmanship. The advantages are much like the Thermosens it offers a tight fit, occlusal rests to prevent the Denture pushing into the gum, it is small and thin plus Metal Dentures allow temperature sensation while leaving more of the gum uncovered.

Conventional Acrylic Dentures are cost effective, easy to add teeth to, but are more prone to fracture. They can often be used as a temporary measure when there is more teeth to be taken out or as an interim tooth replacement when getting other treatment done. To find out more contact us today for your FREE Consultation to find out your best option.

Implant Dentures & Implant Crowns

Dental Implants can be used to replace a missing tooth with a crown or to firmly retain a Denture. The procedure involves surgery and the Implants require the same maintenance that a natural tooth would with a regular scale and clean. This procedure does provide the closest option to a feeling of having a natural tooth back in place however it does involve surgery and not everyone is suited to this procedure. That is why we offer a Free Consultation at Designer Dentures to give you information on the treatment and book you for an x-ray to assess the health of your gums and bone density.

Implant Dentures are removable with a good amount of pressure to release them from the gum and are suitable where the natural supporting gum is undesirable for supporting and retaining a Denture. The Denture will seat firmly with a click when in place correctly. Khush completed his Implant Retained Dentures Course in 2012 from the Sydney Institute of Technology. Our craftsmanship is second to none and the Denture will come with a Warranty as well as being made of the virtually unbreakable and allergy free Thermosens material.

Implant Crowns are suitable where there is only one or a few adjacent missing teeth next to each other. It is a very good way to replace the tooth as it has a natural feel to it as the implant core is drilled into the bone for pressure sensation. The Crown is made of multi layered high strength and translucency porcelain. Natural effects and details in the Crown are a specialty of ours and an aesthetic consultation with Khush is a must in order to get the best possible result that looks natural as well as blends in with the surrounding teeth.

Check up & X-rays

Dentists make a nice smile at Designer Dentures for a beautiful and youthful look. However to maintain the health of your teeth it is a very good idea to get a check up to ensure that you maintain the health and well being of your teeth. Regular flossing and brushing will only get you so far but there may be more problems or cracks in a tooth that you are well unaware of and we can have it diagnosed in a Check up with our very own Dentist. Book in now so that you can get your teeth thoroughly checked out at an affordable price.

Meet Our Team

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Designer Dentures will in the near future have a Dental Surgeon to add to our great variety of treatment options. We will be offering Crown & Bridge treatments, Scaling & Cleaning, Tooth Extractions, Fillings, X Rays & Check Ups plus many more aspects of General & Cosmetic Dentistry. Call us to resreve your spot :-)


Coming Soon

Khush Singh

Khush Singh

Khush is the chief Clinical Dental Technician at Designer Dentures. Virtually anything made here is hand crafted by him. He is even happy to talk to you and explain the process and design concepts behind what he is doing in a FREE Consultation. Khush completed a Bachelor of Dental Technology at the University of Otago in 2009 and an Advanced Diploma in Dental Prosthetics from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital) in 2012. Khush has over 8 years of experience and a keen eye for detail and fine craftsmanship. His interests include a variety of Basketball, Fishing and a number of other sports. With his wealth of information, technical skills in any range of different materials and easy to relate to manner he is a real pleasure to be around.


Khush Singh

Clinical Dental Technician
Navtej Singh (Mum)

Navtej Singh (Mum)

This is our always friendly and smiley Practice Manager at Designer Dentures. Navtej loves meeting and talking to new people and is full of helpful advice. She is also a fully certified Justice of the Peace if you need documents cited. Navtej enjoys walks in nature, new adventures and is highly spiritual. She will always greet you with open arms and a warm smile at Designer Dentures and loves to have a cup of tea and a chat with you.


Navtej Singh (Mum)

Practice Manager

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What Our Patients Say About Us

From my first visit Khush was very friendly and welcoming. You never felt pressured in any way at all. I would recommend the clinic to anyone. Thanks again Khush, job well done!

Kelly Renata 21/04/16

Very friendly and helpful staff. Service was excellent and the environment is customer friendly. Dentist is very professional. Will recommend to friends to come to the Dentist any time.

Andrew Forbes 15/04/16

What do you like about us? Atmosphere.

What could we do better? Nothing, maybe little cheaper.

10/10 very likely to recommend us to family/friends.

10/10 very likely use us again.

Really fast and accurate, LOVE IT.

Osnell Tunpifs 4/3/2016

From the beginning until the final touch you have treated me with respect and care that my feelings and feed backs are vital to ensure that the final set is perfect. You are a great professional who listens to clients and provide absolute amazing work Khush. Faafetai.

I feel so confident and I was reminded of what you had said when I first came to you, “I know what to do.” Yes you knew exactly what to do, together with the help of your beautiful mum – how to make people feel at ease, comfortable, respected and feel like they have just won the biggest lottery ever. Again THANK YOU.


I have new dentures fitted, I am very happy with the look and feel. I now can smile, and go about every day life with new teeth. Cheers Bruce.


What do you like about us? Everything.

What could we do better? Nothing, it’s been an amazing experience.

10/10 very likely to recommend us to family/ friends.

10/10 very likely to use us again.

“What Beautiful People.”

Soolefai Tuilesu 1/3/2016

What do you like about us? Friendly, Comfortable Atmosphere, and Excellent Work Done Regarding Teeth. Appreciate it very much.

What could we do better? ” Nothing, you guys are Cool.”

9/10 likely to recommend us to family/ friends.

10/10 very likely to use us again.

Excellent Service, I Felt comfortable and very happy over my teeth. ” Smile 4 Miles Now.”

Vanessa Courtney 2/3/2016

What do you like about us? Very Friendly, explained things.

What could we do better? Nothing.

10/10 very likely to recommend us to family and friends.

10/10 very likely to use us again.

Very happy with the service.

Jocelyn Rose 30/3/2016

What do you like about us? Very friendly, Well Explained, Excellent Service.

What could we do better? Everything is Perfect.

10/10 very likely to recommend us to family /friends.

10/10 very likely to use us again.

The service was Excellent.

David Ramiah 17/3/2016

Good Personalized Service. Khush explains aspects of having denture and how he will go about it. Makes sure denture fits well and adjust accordingly. I think you are already better with regards to service and looking after customers than anywhere else. 10/10 very likely to recommend us to family/friends. 10/10 very likely to use us again. Your service and treatment is the best, making sure Dentures fit well and with no discomfort.

Bobby Estacio 18/03/16

What do you like about us? Fast, Friendly Service. Explains Processes Extremely Well.

10/10 very likely to recommend us to family and friends.

10/10 very likely to use us again.

Thank you, you helped my problem with speed and friendliness. Can’t recommend your services enough.

Phil Cushnie 21st March 2016

What do you like about us? Friendly service, cost effective, easy to organize and get done.

What could we do better? Can’t think of anything.

10/10 very likely to recommend us to family/friends.

10/10 very likely to use us again.

Fast, and Awesome Service. Always had a good reputation within the boxing community.


Leigh Hadlow 24th March 2016

What do you like about us? The Friendliness.

What could we do better? Nothing I know of.

10/10 very likely to recommend us to family/friends.

10/10 very like to use us again.

Very good. friendly and at ease with people.

Marie Penn 01/04/16

I like the tailoring to my needs without any hassle; caring and very pleasant. 10/10 very likely to recommend us to family/friends/ 10/10 very likely to use Designer Dentures again. Right from start to finish I was satisfied with the conduct and proficiency from Khush. Even more so the end product made me feel a million.

Maria Oxenham 08/04/16

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